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Data Aggregators and the Power of Business Data Distribution

Data Aggregators and the Power of Business Data Distribution

Previously we looked at data enhancers and the characteristics of high-quality directories. Now, we’re focusing on another critical component of a data amplifier network – data aggregators.

Data Aggregators and the Local Search Ecosystem

From search engines and social media platforms to in-car navigation systems and mobile apps, the local search ecosystem is reliant on data. But how can you help local businesses ensure their business data is present on the ever-expanding collection of publishing platforms? And how is it possible to maintain accuracy on so many diverse sites, apps and systems?

If you’ve been following us for a while you know it already – the answer is data aggregators. Data aggregator access is one of the many features available within our listing management solution, one that helps our agency partners and local marketers just like you better serve their local business clients. Let’s cover data aggregators in more detail right now.

What Are Data Aggregators?

Data aggregators are platforms that collect, clean up and distribute name, address and phone number (NAP) details and other data to search engines, directories, review sites, apps and other publishers.

Search engines and other providers benefit greatly from a data aggregator, as they can access a substantial database of accurate business information. Platforms like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing and others rely on data aggregators to source precise listing details for their users.

Think about the frustration a search engine user experiences when visiting a business, only to find it’s closed. And what about a navigation system that directs you to a store… a store that has just moved to a new location? These issues highlight the importance of reliable data sources and emphasize the value of a data aggregator.

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