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How to Identify and Clean Up Local Business Listings

In recent years, local presence has become critical for a business’ success. As more consumers conduct searches before buying, listing management services are necessary to maintain consistent and accurate data. And most established brands have a substantial online footprint – one that’s not always easy to monitor. But with such high stakes involving outdated or incorrect information, cleaning up business listings is a necessity, not a luxury.

Why Accurate Business Listings Are so Important

When a potential customer searches for a business online, the information they find will affect the foundation of trust. Inaccurate listings can erode trust, as consumers can question the credibility of an organization that cannot properly manage its information. In addition, a bad address, outdated opening hours, or inaccurate product list will easily create a negative user experience.

We know that Google uses business listings as one of the primary factors that determine local search rankings. Consistency in NAP (name, address and phone number) information across various platforms boosts your local SEO, helping you rank higher in search results. The existence of inaccurate data reflects poorly on search engines. Therefore, if Google cannot verify the information is correct, they will likely promote a competitor instead.

How to Audit Business Listings

Our citation cleanup infographic details the main steps in identifying inaccurate business listing data. Essentially, you can take a couple of quick actions to get started.

Conduct a Manual Search

Start by searching for your client’s brand on different search engines and record the information listed. Input NAP details separately to find instances of old or outdated business addresses or phone numbers.

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