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Instagram Tips for Business

Instagram Tips For Business

Before I explore Instagram tips for business that will get you started on growing your following, let me share a bit more about the background of Instagram.

Instagram Tips For Business

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms but did you know it was once seen as something difficult to use because it was seen exclusively as a platform for the younger demographic. Now everyone is using and you should too. It will help you to grow your business.

Focus On Quality – Not Quantity

Judging by the multitude of posts that are on many business Instagram accounts, you’d think there was some unwritten rule that businesses have to post new photos every hour. In truth, though, you don’t have to post super-often, as long as when you do post, it’s a quality post.

As a business, the pictures you post should say something about your brand and business. The last thing you want to do is to post sloppy, unprofessional photos. Post photos that are professional and that have a marketing focus. This could be a charitable event your team participated in to a new project you just launched. It can be difficult to connect with your audience in a meaningful way through a photograph, but with the right creative team behind you, you can figure out something that is going to speak to people.

Receive and Respond to Notifications is a MUST

As a modern-day business, you’re expected to be on all of the major social media sites and managing all of those sites can get a little bit challenging. As tempting as it may be to leave them off, enable Instagram notifications. You need to know when someone comments on or likes a picture. Most importantly, you need to respond!

You want to show your clients that you care, that you are engaged with them and that you’ll do anything within your power to keep them happy. I’ve found it helpful to set a specific time out of your day to dedicate to your clients. If you can’t handle the task on your own, you can always hire a social media manager to do it for you, but for most businesses, it just takes a few minutes out of the workday and yields big results.

Develop Relationships With Your Followers

Do the right thing on Instagram. When someone follows you, follow them back! It will help you to build a bigger following over time. Just like responding to notifications, this shows that you are interested in and engaged with your followers and customers (or potential customers). As a business you want to create a demand for your brand. Knowing your clients and having them trust you is something powerful.

Just as we care for our clients, Instagram also does a great job of supporting their business users. One really positive thing about Instagram is that it doesn’t just leave its business users hanging! Far from it, it actually maintains a full blog geared toward helping business owners use Instagram effectively.

The blog, aptly titled Instagram for Business, is free to view and contains tips and inspiration for your business. There are, of course, other blogs and posts dedicated to helping you get the most out of Instagram.

As you can see, most of these Instagram tips are simple and don’t require much effort on your part, so get out there and try them.

Let us know how they work for you or share your own tips below.

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