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Listen: Do You Want to Know the Secret to Creating a Great Content Strategy

The Secret to Creating a Great Content Strategy

“Listen. Do you want to know a secret?” asked Paul McCartney. I love listening to music and I love the Beatles. What does that have to do with this article? Nothing. I just wanted to make a point. “Listen.” It’s what people say when they want your attention. But sometimes listening is tough. I know this because my kids never listen to me. But if you want to become successful in our industry, listening is a MUST!

The Secret to Creating a Great Content Strategy

Hearing is passive; listening connotes purpose. We listen to learn. If you want to create a great content strategy, you must first create great content, and that starts with listening.

First and foremost, you need to listen to your target audiences. Listen to discover their needs and wants. Listen to get clues about content that excites and engages your audience. Also, understand that as a content marketer it is your job to talk back to your audience, to alert them to the things they don’t yet know about. That means you must also listen for news and trends in the larger world, then separate the meaningful from the evanescent. That’s how you distinguish your content in the minds of your audience. They must know that you offer what they’re looking for.

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