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Essential Steps for Business Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation ManagementOnline reputation management is an important aspect to your business, especially in the era we live in now where everyone can track and screen shot anything they see online. It’s very easy to make a simple mistake that could ruin your business online reputation. One or two bad reviews to the Better Business Bureau and unfortunately you can kiss your reputation goodbye. Follow me through this guide and learn how to clean up your business reputation online.

Steps to Follow For Business Online Reputation Management

Find the Main Source

If you are unhappy about a particular review or piece of information that exists about your business online, it’s best to go directly to the source. First find the MAIN website (most popular), where the negative information originated from and find out what steps you must take for getting it taken down. Some review websites are known for sometimes copying and pasting reviews about local businesses from a larger review website to increase traffic to their site. For example your businesses bad Yelp review could end up being published on a variety of copycat, smaller websites. If you can get the negative review erased from the main source, it will likely be erased on the copycat sites as well.

Stay Informed of Your Online Reputation

Responding to negative reviews is one of the most important things you can do online. That can be impossible if you aren’t aware of what is being said about your business and where those things are being posted. Google Alerts can help you! With this service, you can enter certain keywords (such as the name of your business) and get an instant text or email alert whenever it is used anywhere online. You can respond to the negative review and please your customers by offering a discount or something free for the inconvenience they experienced. Talk about an effective way to manage your business online reputation!

Hire Professionals

Business owners are always incredibly busy and tend to have a million daily tasks. Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have time to track down and take care of what’s being said about your business online. We have found a solution for you! There are multiple companies that can manage your online reputation for you, or there are easy-to-use, automated tools, such as DeleteMe which has the power to remove information from a wide range of sites. Regardless of whether you choose an automated tool or a team of professionals to help manage your business online reputation, they will make your life much easier!

Fuel Good Content

Someday you might experience a situation where no matter how hard you try to get negative information off a website, the website will refuse to take down the information. When that happens just accept it and move on, but you must learn how to defend your business. Focus on pushing great, informative useful content that is easily searchable because it will push the negative information or reviews out of the way! This will make your customers or potential customers see more positive than negative about your business online.

Is your businesses reputation in a bad situation? If so, try these steps, and then share how they worked for you!

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