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Tweet All About It! How to Promote a Business on Twitter

Twitter for Business

It’s pretty easy to promote a business on most social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, but what about on Twitter? Mastering how to a promote business on Twitter, while attracting a local audience can be a bit trickier because of the amount of competition and massive amount of tweets going out each day.

5 Surefire Tips on How to Promote a Business on Twitter

Twitter is unique, so most need a little help understanding how to use it to benefit businesses. If this describes you, then keep reading. If you already know how to use Twitter, keep reading anyway. You might learn something new, or be reminded about something you already knew.

1. Following is the Key to Leading on Twitter

Most businesses prefer to lead, not follow. It may seem counterintuitive to follow as a way to promote on Twitter, but on this social network being a follower is a good thing. Usually the more people followed, results in more that follow back. However, that doesn’t mean a business should follow every Twitter account, there has to be a strategy. Seek out those who have a shared connection with your business, location, products or services and follow them. Some ideas for who to follow include:

  • Potential customers. Research the target demographic and add people who fit within it.
  • Community organizations like the local Chamber of Commerce. This will keep you aware of local events which you can tweet out.
  • Individuals who are active in the local community. These people could become brand ambassadors.
  • Relevant industry professionals and non-competitive colleagues. This will keep you aware of industry news and events.
  • Reputable professional organizations. Be sure each aligns with the mission and goals of the business.

Following is a way to say, “Thank you,” and stay in touch with the people, businesses and organizations, which have helped in the past. It is also a way to show concern for a customer’s satisfaction and overall wellbeing. And interacting with the local community shows your commitment to the area and support for it. Following others is a good method to promote your business on Twitter because it can easily lead to more followers, increasing your business’s visibility.

2. Making the Brand Interesting to Followers

Don’t forget the most important rule of Twitter: keep tweets brief and interesting. There is a limited amount of space to tweet so make the most of it, and effectively promote with the following Twitter tips:

  • Make sure every tweet is interesting, compelling and draws in the followers.
  • Tweet about local events and happenings that followers would be interested in. This service sets the business apart from its competitors.
  • Generate interest in a service or product to make the followers want to learn more.
  • Be catchy and entertaining, never boring.
  • Remember to provide a “learn more” or “read more” link with longer tweets.

3. Using Hashtags to Promote a Business on Twitter

Hashtags are how people find certain tweets and join conversations on the fast-paced social network. To make Twitter an effective part of any local SEO strategy consider the following:

  • Use hashtags for local events that relate to the business.
  • Use hashtags for the area around the physical business location (city, neighborhood, shopping center, etc.)
  • Participate in hashtag conversations with other local businesses.
  • Develop a unique hashtags to promote the business on Twitter. Use these in conjunction with others on this list for visibility.
  • Use hashtags sparingly. The general rule is three or fewer.

4. Taming the Timeline with Lists

Once you get really active on Twitter, don’t be surprised if the feed and timeline, suddenly become a bit…well…crowded. When your timeline is too full, you can miss tweets and news important for your business. To fix this potential problem, utilize the “Lists” feature.

Lists allow you to separate entities and people a business follows into categories with descriptive names and a brief caption. This element allows for more control over the timeline and makes promoting a business on Twitter, and keeping abreast of what people are saying a whole lot simpler.

5. Prioritizing and Analyzing with Twitter’s Analytics

Twitter offers a built-in analytics tool for users to track their statistics. This provides information about who follows, impressions and top tweets. You can click on any tweet and identify its level of engagement to see if it has been replied to, favorited or retweeted.

The analytics tool provides a demographic overview of followers which allows you to learn more about the type of audience attracted to the business’s tweets and helps you cater the business’s tweets to specific groups of followers.

At the end of the day, remember to have fun, make it interesting and memorable. Switch up the information shared, keep it interactive, entertaining and informative.

Do you have any other Twitter tips to add? Comment below!

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